High Heel Causes Arthritis & Joints Pain

Pain From High Heels

Heel is an updating fashion. Most women love heel for looking better. Different Styles of heel are in market. 1/4th of women wear high heels every day or frequently. This statistics was found by a poll in UK. Researchers have now found a harmful risk associated with wearing of High Heel.

The Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists found that high heel make a risk of getting the debilitating condition. High heels affect body posture, placing more pressure on foot, ankle and knee joints. This leads to stress to the cartilage and lead to the onset of osteoarthritis.

Pain From High Heels
Pain From High Heels

Yet the poll of 2,000 people found that 22% thought arthritis was an inevitable part of getting older and 36% of people did not know much about the condition. Poor footwear, together with increased levels of obesity and people living longer, could cause an “arthritis crisis”, the society warned. Majority of people in the UK already suffer from this painful joint arthritis condition, which causes pain and stiffness in joints, and levels are rising. Using the best treadmills could be the better option to tackle this scenario.

60% of cases are in feet and arthritis is both more common and more severe in women. “For daily wear, the recommendation is to opt for a round-toed shoe with a heel height of no more than 2-3cm (one inch) and with a shock-absorbent sole to help minimize shock to the joints.” More than three quarters of both men and women surveyed in the poll did not wear shoes specifically designed for the sport they played when exercising, also increasing the likelihood of developing osteoarthritis.

While 65% have suffered stiffness or pain in their lower body and feet, only half have sought help for their symptoms.

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