Reduce Risks Of Hepatitis


Vaccines are only available for hepatitis A and B viruses and complete cure is not achieved even with best treatment in many cases. Therefore, more attention should be directed towards prevention. Following steps can reduce the spread of hepatitis.


  • Vaccines every new born child against HBV as per EPI schedule of government.
  • Avoid the use of contaminated water ,unwashed and unpeeled fruits and vegetable etc, as they can be a source  of HAV and HEV
  • Keep all utensils covered and clean to avoid contaminated by files.
  • All the workers of food industry must be monitored on regular basis for the carrier states of Hepatitis A and E.
  • Blood and blood products must always be adequately screened before transfusion.
  • Strongly discourage the sharing of needles, syringes and shaving accessories.
  • Practice safe sex and spread awareness in public about the dangers of unprotected sex.
  • Women who are infected with hepatitis B or C must undertake adequate contraceptive measures.
  • Early recognition and treatment may prevent long-term complications of hepatitis and reduce morbidity due to this disease.
  • Public awareness programs must be put in place to educate the general public about clinical features, mode of spread, prevention, and treatment of different types of hepatitis.

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